Backup MS SQL And Copy To Google Cloud Storage

How To

Step 1 Setting SSMS Schdule Backup Databases

Go To Management -> Maintenance Plans -> New Maintenance Plan

Enter Plan Name

Enter SubPlan Name

Setting Schdule Job

Then Go To Toolbox Double Click Back Up Database Task

Setting Back Up Database Task

- Backup Type (Full, Differential, Transaction Log )

- Databases (Choice You Want Back’s Database)

- Back up To (Choice Your Backup Desination Type)

Change To Destination Tab And Enter Your Backup Destination Folder Then Click OK

Step 2 Write Script For Copy To GCS (Need Login Into To gcloud Or Use Google Service Account)


gsutil cp D:\*.bak gs://<your_gcs_bucket>

Step 3 Setting Windows Task Schedule

Setting Trigger, Action

Step 4 Test All Flow

Go To SSMS -> SQL Servr Agent -> Jobs -> Start Job at Step

Click Step 2 BAT Then Check GCS Console And Verify