Docker Can Not Work After Reboot Server, Error Log Like This:

Error response from daemon: error creating overlay mount to /var/lib/docker/overlay2/67fc837e52765051b9f1559ac561a6f196aa0e88521909dc3352c7409d2e0236/merged: invalid argument
Error: failed to start containers: test_container

How To Fix

This Erro Is About SeLinux, Your SeLinux And Dockcer Need Same Setting.

Check SeLinux Status

$ sestatus

SELinux status:                 disabled

Check Docker Setting

$ vim /etc/sysconfig/docker

Find OPTIONS Setting

OPTIONS=' --selinux-enabled --log-driver=journald --signature-verification=false'
if [ -z "${DOCKER_CERT_PATH}" ]; then

In This Case, You Need Setting SeLinux Enable Or Edit Docker OPTIONS And Del --selinux-enabled Will Fix This Error After Restart Service(Reboot).