Want Mount S3 Bucket Use EC2

How To

On EC2(Ubuntu / Debian)

Install Dependency

sudo apt-get install automake autotools-dev fuse g++ git \
     libcurl4-gnutls-dev libfuse-dev libssl-dev libxml2-dev \
     make pkg-config

Install s3fs From Git Repo

git clone

cd s3fs-fuse/
./configure --prefix=/usr --with-openssl
make install 

# Verify 
which s3fs

Gen A AccessKey / SecretKey And Wirte To passwd-s3fs ( Make Sure This Credential Have S3 Bucket Access Permissions )

vim /etc/passwd-s3fs

Then Change Permission File

chmod 540 /etc/passwd-s3fs

Create New Folder Or Use Exist Path To Mount S3 Bucket

mkdir /s3bucket
s3fs <S3_BucketName> -o use_cache=/tmp -o allow_other_user -o uid=1001 -o mp_umask=002 -o mulireq_max=5 /s3bucket


df -h /s3bucket
Filesystem Type Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
s3fs  fuse.s3fs 256T  0   256T   0%  /s3bucket