Migration OVF To Google Cloud Engine

Before Start

You Can Upload Your OVF With VMDK File To Google Cloud Storage

Import Disk With OS

Go To GCS Find OVF File

Next Step, Go To Terminal Use gcloud Command And Check Your Auth Config, Region & Zone

Use gcloud auth list Check Your Config

gcloud auth list

       Credentialed Accounts

To set the active account, run:
    $ gcloud config set account `ACCOUNT`
gcloud config get-value compute/region

gcloud config get-value compute/zone

Check Your Have GCS Permission

gsutil ls gs://your-ovf-bucket

Use gcloud compute Command Import Your OVF File

gcloud compute instances import <VM Name> --source-uri=gs://your/ovf/bucket/path/ --network=<VPC> --subnet=<subnet> --private-network-ip=<PRIVATE_NETWORK_IP> etc...

Then Wait About More Than 40 Min To Wait Create Disk, Instance. It Will Return

WARNING: Importing OVF. This may take 40 minutes for smaller OVFs and up to a couple of hours for larger OVFs.
Created [].
Logs are available at [].
starting build "123-123-123-123"
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:16:13Z Starting OVF import workflow.
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:16:13Z Found gs://your/ovf/path/vm.ovf
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:16:14Z Found gs://your/ovf/path/disk1.vmdk
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:16:14Z Found gs://your/ovf/path/disk2.vmdk
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:16:14Z Found valid OS info in OVF descriptor, importing VM with `windows-2008r2` as OS.
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:16:14Z Will create instance of `n1-standard-4` machine type.
[import-disk-2]: 2021-06-23T11:16:18Z Creating Google Compute Engine disk from gs://your/ovf/path/disk2.vmdk
[import-disk-1]: 2021-06-23T11:16:18Z Creating Google Compute Engine disk from gs://your/ovf/path/disk1.vmdk
[import-disk-2]: 2021-06-23T11:52:21Z Finished creating Google Compute Engine disk
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T11:52:21Z Creating image "ovf-71111"
[import-disk-1]: 2021-06-23T12:07:20Z Finished creating Google Compute Engine disk
[import-disk-1]: 2021-06-23T12:07:20Z Inspecting disk for OS and bootloader
[import-disk-1]: 2021-06-23T12:09:04Z Inspection result=os_release:{cli_formatted:"windows-2008r2" distro:"windows" major_version:"2008" minor_version:"r2" architecture:X64 distro_id:WINDOWS} elapsed_time_ms:103837 os_count:1
[import-disk-1]: 2021-06-23T12:09:23Z Making disk bootable on Google Compute Engine
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T12:27:12Z OVF import workflow finished successfully.
[import-ovf]: 2021-06-23T12:27:12Z Cleaning up.

After Finished, You Can See Your Instance On Console, The Instance Name Will Be Your Import Command Spectified Name

Ref Doc

Import Disk Without OS

Go To GCS Find OFV File

gcloud compute images import batchserver-disk-2 --source-file gs://<gcs-bucket-name>/<path>/Disk --data-disk --timeout=24h