Client Want Migration VM From VMWare To GCP

Before Migrate, What Do You Need ?

  • vCenter

  • vSphere

  • GCP Console

    • Enable M4CE API

    • You Have Permission To Control These GCP Service

      • M4CE, VM, Network,

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How To

Step 1 - Download m4c Instance OVA And Deploy To VMWare

Step 2 - Login To m4c VM And Use Command Register

# After Login To VM
# Check Status
$ m4c status

# Register To M4CE
$ m4c register

After Register, You Can Use m4c status To Confirm

admin@migrate-appliance:~$ m4c status
Cloud APIs network connection: Reachable
Registered: True
Appliance connected to migration service
vCenter address:
Vsphere user name is:
Project: <your-project>
Location: asia-northeast1
Source: M4CE-Name
Data center connector: M4CE-Name-ufqily
Appliance version: 1.1623761021
Service account: <>
No http proxy configured

Before Migrate If Your VM Is Linux With lvm Partition Type

  • Make Sure Your boot Have Enough Space ( > 300 M )

  • Add These Information To System

mkdir -p /etc/google/migrate && ls -la /dev/disk/*/* > /etc/google/migrate/disk-mappings-hints

Go To Migrate For Compute Engine Dashboard

Click VM Need To Migrate And Click ADD MIGRATIONS

Then Go To Miagrations Page, Click Start replication And Wait To Compelete

And You Can Click Cut Over After replication Compelete

After Cut Over, Just Go To VM Dashboard And Login ~