Using brew

brew tap aws/tap 
brew install aws-sam-cli

Deploy APP To AWS Lambda

Step 1 Init Sam APP And Download Template

Can Use sam init Or sam init -r <runtime> -n <app-name>

sam init 


sam init -r <runtime> -n <function name>

In This Case, I Want Create Python 3.8 Lambda, So I Just Enter sam init -r python3.8 -n new-function

After Enter sam init, You Need To Choice Look Like These:

~/ » sam init -r python3.8 -n demo            
Which template source would you like to use?
	1 - AWS Quick Start Templates
	2 - Custom Template Location
Choice: 1
What package type would you like to use?
	1 - Zip (artifact is a zip uploaded to S3)
	2 - Image (artifact is an image uploaded to an ECR image repository)
Package type: 1

Cloning from

AWS quick start application templates:
	1 - Hello World Example
	2 - EventBridge Hello World
	3 - EventBridge App from scratch (100+ Event Schemas)
	4 - Step Functions Sample App (Stock Trader)
	5 - Elastic File System Sample App
Template selection: 1

    Generating application:
    Name: demo
    Runtime: python3.8
    Dependency Manager: pip
    Application Template: hello-world
    Output Directory: .

    Next steps can be found in the README file at ./

Now You Can See Your Folder Like These

~/» ls                            events        hello_world   template.yaml tests

In This Case, Just Need hello_world And template.yaml

  • hello_world Folder

    • put your Code, reqirment.txt etc.

  • template.yam

    • write cloudformation format to deploy

After Write Code, We Need Build Image.

Build Image Using sam build --use-container --build-image Function1=amazon/aws-sam-cli-build-image-python3.8

~/ » sam build --use-container --build-image Function1=amazon/aws-sam-cli-build-image-python3.8
Starting Build inside a container
Building codeuri: ~/ runtime: python3.8 metadata: {} functions: ['ITHomeFunction']

Fetching Docker container image......
Mounting ~/ as /tmp/samcli/source:ro,delegated inside runtime container

Build Succeeded

Built Artifacts  : .aws-sam/build
Built Template   : .aws-sam/build/template.yaml

Commands you can use next
[*] Invoke Function: sam local invoke
[*] Deploy: sam deploy --guided

Running PythonPipBuilder:ResolveDependencies
Running PythonPipBuilder:CopySource

Deploy Using sam deploy --guided

~/ » sam deploy --guided               

Configuring SAM deploy

	Looking for config file [samconfig.toml] :  Found
	Reading default arguments  :  Success

	Setting default arguments for 'sam deploy'
	Stack Name [ITHome]:
	AWS Region [us-east-1]:
	#Shows you resources changes to be deployed and require a 'Y' to initiate deploy
	Confirm changes before deploy [Y/n]: y
	#SAM needs permission to be able to create roles to connect to the resources in your template
	Allow SAM CLI IAM role creation [Y/n]: y
	Save arguments to configuration file [Y/n]: y
	SAM configuration file [samconfig.toml]:
	SAM configuration environment [default]:

	Looking for resources needed for deployment: Found!

		Managed S3 bucket: aws-sam-cli-managed-default-samclisourcebucket-1n4q2wolub9lw
		A different default S3 bucket can be set in samconfig.toml

	Saved arguments to config file
	Running 'sam deploy' for future deployments will use the parameters saved above.
	The above parameters can be changed by modifying samconfig.toml
	Learn more about samconfig.toml syntax at

Initiating deployment
Uploading to Demo/befabc84a86957c750b68443c0db70c2.template  633 / 633  (100.00%)

Waiting for changeset to be created..

CloudFormation stack changeset
Operation                LogicalResourceId        ResourceType             Replacement
* Modify                 DemoFunctionSchedule   AWS::Lambda::Permissio   Conditional
                         1Permission              n
* Modify                 DemoFunctionSchedule   AWS::Events::Rule        False
* Modify                 DemoFunction           AWS::Lambda::Function    False

Changeset created successfully. arn:aws:cloudformation:us-east-1:120340392319:changeSet/samcli-deploy1622992910/276259dd-4bcf-43d3-9e77-ab038c68bac6

Previewing CloudFormation changeset before deployment
Deploy this changeset? [y/N]: y

2021-06-06 23:22:16 - Waiting for stack create/update to complete

CloudFormation events from changeset
ResourceStatus           ResourceType             LogicalResourceId        ResourceStatusReason
UPDATE_IN_PROGRESS       AWS::Lambda::Function    ITHomeFunction           -
UPDATE_COMPLETE          AWS::Lambda::Function    ITHomeFunction           -
UPDATE_COMPLETE          AWS::CloudFormation::S   ITHome                   -
UPDATE_COMPLETE_CLEANU   AWS::CloudFormation::S   ITHome                   -
P_IN_PROGRESS            tack

Successfully created/updated stack - ITHome in us-east-1